Compiled by Charles Woods

Adad (Hadad) Amorite(Semite)god equivalent to Seth-Baal
Aha A protective deity similar to Bes
Aker Early dynastic Strip of land with head either end or two lions back to back
Amam A protective deity similar to Bes
Amaunet Protective deity – consort of Amun
Ammut Afterlife, composite deity, known as “devourer of the dead”
Amun (Amon) (Amen) Theban god, 11th dynasty onward. Displaced Montu (Buchis)
Anat - (Anath) Syrian goddess, end Middle Kingdom,worship Tanis,Hyksos goddess
Anat-Hathor Syrian goddess Anat combined with Egyptian Hathor
Andjety Early dynastic, precursor of Osiris, worship Busiris
Anubis- (Anpu) Displaced Wepwawet, Archaic Pd. “leader of the dead” - jackal head
Anukis-(Anuket)(Anket) Old Kingdom onward, worship Elephantine/Aswan
Apedamak Meroitic god of war.usually anthromorphic with 1 or 3 lion heads
Apis Early dynastic, bull cult. Worship Memphis, assimilated with Ptah
Apis-Osiris(Osirapis) Apis+Osiris.During Ptolemaic prd. Formed hybrid god Serapis
Apophis-Apepi)(Apep) Serpent god of underworld. From Middle Kingdom on.
Arensnuphis Meroitic. From c. 300 bce onward
Arensnuphis-Shu Combination of Meroitic god + Egyptian god Shu
Artemis - Greek goddess of hunting equated with Egyptian goddess Pakhet
Asbet A deity of the 12 hours of day and the 12 hours of night
Ash Early dynastic period. God of the Western desert.Later assimilated with Set
Asklepius Greek god of medicine. Cult centre Saqqara. Equated with Imhotep
Astarte (Babylonian Ishtar)(Sumerian Inanna)entered Egyptian pantheon c18th d.
Aten Sun disc equated with Re.Middle Kingdom,became popular 18th Dynasty
Athena Greek goddess of war. Identified with Egyptian Neith
Atum Primeval self-engendered god of Heliopolis. Old Kingdom onward
Atum-Kheprei When combined with Re, Atum was evening, Kheprei morning sun
Baal Semite/Canaanite god equated with Egyptian Seth, Worship Delta region at Baal Saphon
Baalat Canaanite goddess, the female counterpart to Baal.Known since 3rd dynasty as Lady of Byblos, and later equated with Hathor.
Babi Old Kingdom, fierce baboon god, often associated with the penis.
Banebdjedet Possibly introduced by Reneb of the 2nd dynasty. A ram god associated with Re as his Ba. Known as the Ram of Mendes, his main cult centre.
Ba-Pef Old Kingdom god. Maybe associated with pain or woe. A minor deity.
Bastet Cat goddess of fun, main cult centre Bubastis
Bat Cow goddess of the Archaic period, maybe of Mespotamian origin. Later usurped by Hathor
Bau Ghosts, spiritis or demons, messengers of gods, similar to Akhu (spirits)
Behdety An artistic representation of Horus as a disc with hawk wings and tail.
Benu (Benou) a bird often associated with the phoenix. Cult centre Heliopolis and associated with Re.
Bes Old Kingdom. One of ten ‘protective’ deities. Became popular in New Kingdom
Buchis Bull God worshiped at Armant (Thebes), southern equivalent of the Heliopolian Mnevis Bull.
There are no gods starting with a letter C.
Dedwen…(Dedun) Old Kingdom. Nubian god of Incense.
Denwen Old Kingdom. Serpent god
Dionysus Greek God associated with Osiris. Incorporated into Serapis in Ptolemaic period
Duamutef One of “four sons of Horus” Jackal Head. Canopic Jar. Stomach
Dunanwi Old Kingdom, became pop. 18th d.as falcon. Assimilated into Horus-Anubis by late period.
El Hebrew god on Levant coast c.1400, but replaced by Baal.